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Short story. I love video games. My first was Pong, brand new. When Covid arrived I lost my job as a union cameraman for concerts and events so I decided to teach myself how to make a video game. I started in CORE, which is a small version of Unreal Engine where I designed four games but that site was too small and had no traffic (and it looks like fortnite!) So I graduated to the professional game development engine UNREAL ENGINE 4 and haven’t looked back. My first game SURVIVAL GIRLS: TRUST NO ONE has taken me four months to create and will be available in the Steam Store August 1st 2021(fingers crossed). I hope you enjoy the games I make, all a tribute to some of my favorite games, which is why I call it REDSQUIRRELS TRIBUTE GAMES.

I reside in San Francisco, CA. as you can tell from the picture of the golden gate bridge.(duh)

“School is not for learning Math, Science or Geography.

School is a place to learn HOW to learn.

So when you are finished with school,

you will continue to learn the rest of your life”

My Dad, Dr David Hornbeck