Survival Girls

My tribute to my favorite survival game RUST. With over 3000 hrs in early access I wanted to make a game that brings the early days of rust development back! With a few variations including animal taming and herding and Drones and many other cool things to add. check back in on a regular basis to see the progress that we have made. Available on the Steam store in early access Aug 1st 2021.


Archie’s Alley

My tribute to the best FPS shooter/battle royale game, HUNT: SHOWDOWN and my twitch streamer friend ARCHIETV. ARCHIES ALLEY is a smaller version of Hunt showdown with females as the main characters. You will have the ability to ride horses, and hopefully we will includes some really cool monster bosses. Still in the early planning stages but stay tuned. Development will start around Jan 2022.

Get Rekt

Remember Playstation 2? Remember the cool games that were released in the 90’s? Like Need for Speed, Skate or die!, Abe’s Odessy and my favorite, TWISTED METAL! Demolition derby and rock and roll! Can’t wait to GET REKT! Planning stages and dev work starting in late 2021.


This dude–>

Short story. I love video games. My first was Pong, brand new. When Covid arrived I lost my job as a union cameraman for concerts and events so I decided to teach myself how to make a video game. I started in CORE, which is a small version of Unreal Engine where I designed four games but that site was too small and had no traffic (and it looks like fortnite!) So I graduated to the professional game development engine UNREAL ENGINE 4 and haven’t looked back. My first game SURVIVAL GIRLS: TRUST NO ONE has taken me four months to create and will be available in the Steam Store August 1st 2021(fingers crossed). I hope you enjoy the games I make, all a tribute to some of my favorite games, which is why I call it REDSQUIRRELS TRIBUTE GAMES.

I reside in San Francisco, CA. as you can tell from the picture of the golden gate bridge.(duh)

“School is not for learning Math, Science or Geography.

School is a place to learn HOW to learn.

So when you are finished with school,

you will continue to learn the rest of your life”

My Dad, Dr David Hornbeck